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A Quick Way to Deal with Fatigue Symptoms

If you feel fatigued, there’s an easy way to get around that feeling without drinking pots of coffee. You can feel invigorated within minutes after applying a Spearmint Inhalation Patch. It’s an energizing scent that helps relieve fatigue effectively.

Fight Fatigue Naturally

Worn under your clothing, the patch delivers up to eight hours of uplifting fragrance. It, along with the suggestions listed below, helps you tackle your day with gusto. You can pair a patch with one or more of the tips for a winning combination of tools that have you feeling great.

Here are some additional ways to fight fatigue naturally:

  1. Get plenty of rest. Get a full night’s sleep each day. Make your bedroom an oasis of calm by turning down the shades, dimming the lights, and cozying up to a good book before bed. Don’t let electronic devices distract you. The blue light that comes from them is known to disrupt sleep patterns so it’s better to leave phones and tablets plugged in elsewhere.
  2. Drink refreshing water. H2O is the best drink option you have. It prevents dehydration which zaps energy. Make sure that you’re getting enough clear, refreshing water each day. Not only will it improve your ability to make decisions, it helps with weight loss and the removal of harmful toxins from your body.
  3. Do yoga. Gain a clear mind and energized body by doing Sun Salutations daily. Not only will you have greater confidence, you’ll feel a better sense of well-being because of your chosen form of exercise.

Bioesse Tech makes it easy for you to feel energized. Our products are designed to relieve symptoms like fatigue and give you a boost of fragrance that helps improve mental alertness. See what types of essential oils are used in our patches by looking at our inventory right away.


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