• Bioesse patches are the safest way to use aromatherapy.  Because no oil comes into contact with the skin there is no risk of systemic effects.
  • Receive a soothing aromatherapy experience through inhalation only technology.
  • Bioesse patches are portable and easy to use.  Take one with you on an airplane, on a long drive, or bring one to work.
  • Bioesse patches are designed to be placed directly onto your skin without causing any irritation, though they may be placed onto clothing as well since they don’t require skin contact to be effective.
  • Bioesse patches will last 6-8 hours, so you can receive the benefits throughout your entire day
  • Bioesse patches are discreet and act as a personal diffuser.  They can be used in common spaces without disturbing others, and can be worn just below your collar line as to be invisible, all while providing the wearer the full benefits of aromatherapy.
  • Each pre-filled Bioesse patch contain essential oils and each oil has unique benefits for your health. When placed near the nose, the aromatherapy vapors are easily inhaled and provide a therapeutic experience. Because Bioesse patches do not allow any essential oils to come into contact with the skin, they are the safest aromatherapy product on the market.
  • Linda Halcón PhD, MPH, RN, a retired Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing and member of the University’s Center for Spirituality and Healing and the Center for Child and Family Health Promotion Research, explains aromatherapy as follows: “When we inhale through the nose, airborne molecules interact with the olfactory organs and almost immediately, the brain . . . The limbic part of the brain is directly connected to those parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance (Higley & Higley, 1998). Knowing this, we can hypothesize how inhalation of essential oils can have some very profound physiological and psychological effects!”
  • Open the pouch and remove the patch
  • Find the tab and peel off the top layer, while holding down the bottom layer
  • Remove the patch from the clear liner and apply the adhesive side to your skin or clothing. For most effective use, place it on the upper chest area.
  • Make sure to remove body lotions or oils where the patch is applied
  • The only thing that touches your skin is the hypoallergenic hydrogel adhesive, which is scientifically proven to be non-irritating to even very sensitive skin
  • The patch is easy and painless to remove and will not pull your hair
  • You can always use your own oils or blends with our blank inhalation patch. Place 1 or 2 drops of essential oil onto the reservoir inside the patch, being careful not to overfill the reservoir.  Place it in the upper chest area for an all-day therapeutic experience.
  • It is a patented device that, when placed near the nose, harnesses the power of aromatherapy through inhaling essential oil vapor. This patch is unique as the healing molecules enter the body entirely by inhalation.  It is NOT transdermal, meaning that no elements of the oils enter the skin.
  • Yes! We use only 100% natural essential oil from providers that we have vetted for their excellent quality.
  • We appreciate that 100% natural essential oil is the only substance to provide the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy.
  • The Bioesse patch is the ONLY patch product on the market to use essential oil that is completely unadulterated, ensuring that the only thing you’re breathing is pure essential oil vapor.
  • No, the Bioesse patch is designed specifically to prevent any oil touching or being absorbed into the skin
  • The only thing that touches your skin is the hypoallergenic hydrogel adhesive, which has extensive dermal testing that has been proven to be non irritating even on very sensitive skin.
  • The patch is easy and painless to remove and will not pull strongly on any hair that may be attached to the hydrogel

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