Five Alternative and Holistic Health Remedies to Try

Alternative and holistic health remedies exist to complement modern medicine. Many people use these tools to the betterment of their mind, body, and soul. If you’re looking to live a healthier, happier, and well-rounded life, you may want to explore some of the options listed here to see how they work.

Holistic Remedies That Actually Work

Here are five alternative and holistic health remedies to try today:

  1. Himalayan Salt Lamps. These pink lamps help with a variety of conditions including those involving the skin, respiratory system, and mind. They reduce harmful ions while casting a soothing, glowing light.
  2. Reflexology. Applying pressure to different areas of the body including the feet, hands, and ears help treat physical conditions concerning different body organs. Reflexologists help treat anxiety, asthma, kidney function, cancer, and diabetes.
  3. Reiki. Known as the study of life force energy, this ancient practice requires a practitioner to transfer their own energy into the patience through light touch of the body with their hands. It can also be transmitted without touching.
  4. Coloring Therapy. Many people find childhood activities to be soothing. The adult coloring book phase is here to stay. Some people state that it is similar to meditation as it takes your mind off your worries and gives it something relaxing to think about instead.
  5. Aromatherapy. Essential oils promote healing. They can be applied to the skin or inhaled. Culinary grade oils can be added to food and beverages.

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