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Essential Oils You May Have Never Heard Of but Will Love Using

Now that you’re acquainted with essential oils and know how beneficial using them can be, it’s time that you added a few more varieties to your collection. Having a varied assortment of oils to choose from helps you treat all types of symptoms from stress-induced anxiety to stomach upset. Your natural medicine chest is one that you can turn to any time day or night and know that you’ll get relief by simply inhaling certain aromas.

Lesser Known Essential Oils Benefits

Here are essential oils that you may not know but will benefit from using:

  • Neroli – A calming and relaxing scent, it’s used to ease symptoms of anxiety and relieve insomnia. It’s also good for stress-related depression and helping alleviate digestive problems. It’s a great essential oil to have in your collection.
  • Melissa – Lemon balm is among the priciest oils available. It comes from the mint family and is used to soothe indigestion as well as lessen nausea. The oil can also be used in combination with basil to create a powerful, natural bug spray.
  • Vetiver – This essential oil comes for the vetiver plant in India but is cultivated in tropical regions throughout the world. It is used to reduce stress and tension and also ease symptoms of insomnia. Often sold separately versus a set, it’s an essential oil you’ll be glad you have to use whenever you’re agitated or in a state of hyperarousal.

Bioesse Tech provides you with a way to travel with your favorite aromatherapy scents. Choose the variety that best meets your needs. You can even fill the Blank Inhalation Patches with the essential oils listed above. Just add a few drops to the patch and place it where you can’t see it but can smell it. Feel relief for up to eight hours at a time with a single patch.


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