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Bioesse - Aromatherapy Patch Store - Learn More About Aromatherapy by Checking Out These Books

Learn More About Aromatherapy by Checking Out These Books

If you don’t know much about aromatherapy but want to learn more about the subject, there are a number of ways to educate yourself. The first is by visiting aromatherapy-oriented websites such as Bioesse Tech and reading our blogs. The next is to check out videos that teach you more about the different essential oils available and how to create blends that you can use in a variety of applications. Last is to buy books written on the subject that give you more precise measurements, teach you how to spot pure essential oils, and explain how to use essential oils to enhance your life, health, and mental well-being.

You can learn more about aromatherapy by checking out these incredible books:

  • The Portable Essential Oils by Anne Kennedy. This pocket-sized guide is filled with scientific information about essential oils, tips for choosing the right oils to work with, and recipes for everything from Exhaustion to Heartburn. If you want to experiment with using oils but don’t know how they can help you, this book is a great place to start.
  • The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood. Containing over 800 natural, nontoxic, and fragrant recipes, this best-seller helps you create a safe and healthy home and work environment. The book is thorough, inexpensive, and chock full of information about aromatherapy and essential oils.

Our Aromatherapy Inhalation Patches are designed to provide relief over the course of six to eight hours of usage. They’re discreet, easy-to-use, and effective. Best of all, you can use your own favorite blends by filling blank patches yourself. This allows you to access your go-to scent quickly and safely, without the mess of roll-ons and balms.

Now that you have a few books to reference, why not try creating blends of your own. Our Blank Inhalation Patches are easy to fill with your favorite scents. They work the same way that our pre-filled Inhalation Patches work by slowly releasing aromas over the course of a day.

Bioesse - Aromatherapy Patch Store - Essential Oils That Have a Warming Effect in the Winter

Essential Oils That Have a Warming Effect in the Winter

If you’re the type of person who gets really cold in the winter, there are some essential oils that will help you feel warm. Think about the different spices available and choose warming scents such as cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger. Each helps to warm your heart and your body.

Essential Oils For Winter Wellbeing

Cardamom Helps with Colds and Bronchial Ailments

Cardamom helps with cold and bronchial problems. It also encourages motivation and enthusiasm which are harder to feel during the winter. Lack of sunshine causes people to feel more tired and less motivated.

Orange is Calming and a Happy Scent

Orange is another scent that reminds you of warmth. It’s a naturally calming smell that you can use with other oils to create a signature scent all your own. You can then fill your Blank Aromatherapy Inhalation Patches with your blend and inhale the sweet, fragrant smell of happiness.

Ginger is Spicy and Energizing

Ginger is spicy, energizing, and helps low spirits rise. People are lonelier in the winter because they aren’t able to socialize as much due to the weather. Keeping this essential oil on hand is a great way to pick yourself up when you’re feeling down.

Fill Your Own Inhalation Patches with Warming Scents

You can easily create blends that work best for you by using your favorite essential oils and carrier oils. Store them in airtight containers and use plastic droppers to add the blends to our Blank Inhalation Patches. Enjoy up to eight hours of warming relief from each patch that you wear.

Be Prepared for the Cold By Doing This

If you’re planning on spending even a short amount of time outdoors during colder weather, arm yourself with extra warmth. It’s not enough to pile on additional clothing. You’ll want to give your nose the sensation of warm aromatherapy relief, too.

Bioesse - Aromatherapy Patch Store - Get Focused with the Scent of Essential Oils

Get Focused with the Scent of Essential Oils

Did you know that essential oils can actually help improve concentration? That’s right, they do! Certain scents actually help you focus. If you’ve had trouble staying alert recently, you’ll want to look into adding essential oils such as Spearmint, Orange, and Grapefruit to your daily routine. By inhaling these scents, you’re able to improve concentration and avoid the dreaded brain fog you get from not resting properly.

Citrus-based scents are invigorating. That’s what makes Orange and Grapefruit options for mental alertness. Spearmint is also great for days where you need extra help staying alert. It’s the go-to scent for students who need a boost during test time.

NDTV explains that neuroplasticity is the theory proving that our brains have the ability to change. There are a number of ways to boost concentration. Aromatherapy along with exercise, meditation, affirmations, and mind games help train your brain, a muscle, to be stronger.

Aromatherapy Oil Inhalation Patches

Aromatherapy Inhalation Patches make it possible for you to enjoy the benefits of essential oils for up to eight hours at a time without the mess associated with measuring and blending. The patch is applied to the skin in a discreet location so that it can be smelled throughout the day. It offers long lasting relief without reapplication.

Bioesse Tech sells Mandarin and Spearmint patches among other varieties. We even offer blank patches in the event that you want to use your own blend of essential oils. Single patches are available, but the best value is found in the boxes of patches that we sell.

You get 25 patches for less than $50.00. That’s a steal if you consider how much more productive you can be when you’re mentally alert. Aromatherapy essential oils help with that!

Don’t let another day of brain fogginess get in the way of your goals. You have ways to increase mental alertness. Best of all, the options available are fast, reliable, and accessible, three things you appreciate tremendously.

Bioesse - Aromatherapy Patch Store - Relieve Stress Better in 2017

Relieve Stress Better in 2017

Thinking back on the experiences you had in 2016, was there room for relaxation? Did you give yourself the gift of downtime or was your schedule fully packed from day to day?  If it was, you likely had more stress than you needed to deal with. Why not take a different approach this year?

They call stress “the silent killer” for a reason. It leads to a myriad of serious health problems such as heart disease and depression. Changing how you deal with stress helps you avoid sleep dysfunction and weight gain among other issues.

Ways to Relieve Stress

Here are some ways to relieve stress better in 2017:

  • Know that tomorrow is another opportunity to get things done. No matter what society tells you, everything doesn’t have to be done today. It’s ok to put some things off until tomorrow. Work on accomplishing the most important tasks of the day and carry over others to the next day without guilt.
  • Start making time for the things that matter most to you. It might be an odd concept to stop being busy long enough to do the things that you really enjoy, but you need to! Life is too short to put off your family or passions any longer. Make it point to make them a priority, and watch the quality of your life improve immensely.
  • Be still. Don’t do anything for the first few minutes of the day. Simply sit still and observe the world around you. Take note of how your body feels. Then, come up with a plan of action that helps you feel better and approach your day more effectively.

Make stress relief one of your top priorities for the New Year. Shop Bioesse Tech’s website for Inhalation Patches in your favorite scents. Breathe deeply knowing relief is just one patch application away. Receive up to eight hours of soothing scents with every patch you wear.

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